Recent Writings – and a New Project!

Hello – there’s no new essay here today, but I do want to point you in the direction of a few things I’ve written in December…

On Waking Mars: “What It’s Like to Play Waking Mars” guest post on Culture Ramp
On Halo 4 (and Cortana, and the game’s story themes): “The Naked Vulnerability of Halo 4” on Tap-Repeatedly
On Primordia: a game I liked a lot! Review of Primordia
And today, on Uncharted (and why I didn’t like it so much): Review of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

I also want to announce today that I have been added as a contributor to the Level 26 project! This is a new domination shooter game being developed with a small team totally in the open. During the process of development there will be lots of posts on the site showing how the game is going from idea to reality. I am going to be joining the team as an asset/environmental modeler. You can already see the work of Jordan Cain and the level design mockups by Anthony Ortega if you check out the Game Blog.

What this means is I’ll be taking a step back from social games in the next year. But I have learned a lot working on them and I’ll be taking that knowledge with me as I go. Here is to 2013 and hoping it’s full of fun for all!

3 thoughts on “Recent Writings – and a New Project!”

  1. This is a wonderfully meaty post. Tons of great stuff here – all about games I’m playing or have played. I hope to be a good blog-friend and read all of it. I need to get Paul my bio for the LVL26 contributor’s page. Working on some of the UI elements.

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