Happy 2014

This morning I realized that I should dig out of my inbox. So I’m working on checking out things that I prioritized for myself to do last year, but never got around to. A lot of it – a lot of it – is playing new or pre-released betas of indie games that I’ve been stockpiling. I don’t believe how many things I got a chance to try that I haven’t written about yet. So it’s very likely I’ll be writing more about some different titles in the future and continuing to cover some games I missed throughout the first part of this year.

I’m starting today with a short preview of Horizon, a game I checked out from Steam Early Access. Check it out here: http://tap-repeatedly.com/2014/01/impressions-horizon/
Or if you’re dying to know what games were my favorites last year, read on: 
Now some quick news about me personally:
I accepted a job with Microsoft, and I am going to begin my official employment next week. This is a really exciting move for me (and, since some have asked, it does allow me to remain in Pennsylvania). I may supply more details later. Don’t anticipate any change in my writing or editorial style… this blog is still my opinion and not my employer’s and I am grateful that they support my continuing to write!